Apple has released three new ads showcasing the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera capabilities


hree new Shot with iPhone advertisements have been released by Apple, each of which playfully highlights a different function of the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera. A couple of investigators in a car in the show Detectives discuss cinematic mode, which allows you to move focus between items in the screen. The foreground detective says he’s in the limelight since he’s the protagonist, but the supporting detective wonders if he’s in focus and “what if my character made a huge reveal?”

You can see this ad through this link

A lady goes through a poorly lighted house in The Basement, as a ghostly voice yells, “Help me!” As she opens the cellar door, the lady says, “I’m afraid.” In such low light, the image quality would diminish,” yet a voice from the basement assures her that she “looks absolutely fine.” You can see it here:

“Pavel” is the name of the current commercial, which features black and white video of a guy sitting alone in an armchair listening to somber music. “This slow, disconcerting zoom implies you are going nuts,” says a lady who steps in and starts chatting to him in Russian, wondering whether he’s okay. Open this link to see it:

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