Create A Distribution List on iPhone

  • What to Know

Text message distribution is the most convenient way for sending a message which is distributed. If you have come across some urgent requirement where you need to keep in touch with a group of persons from your contact list, go for creating a distribution list.

To learn how to create a distribution list on iPhone for sending emails to the relevant department at your workplace may be a bit tricky. Here we have presented it in a most simplified manner.

How to Create a Distribution List on iPhone

Here is the step-by-step guide about how to create a distribution list on iPhone.

  • Select “Notes” Icon

On your home screen, touch the “Notes” icon and tap on “plus” icon to open new note options.

  • Type the Contact Name

Type the name of the contact and email address of each contact. Separate the contacts with the help of adding coma after typing each email.

  • Select the Text String

In the notes application, copy the text string, and for that, you can use one of these two methods.

  • Touch on the first word will bring up a magnifier on screen and release that, and it will take you to the “Select Menu” option. Here, go for the “Select All” option.
  • In the second method, touch the first word twice with your finger; a blue box will appear on the screen around the first word. Move the box handles to cover the list. After selecting the text, select the “Copy” option after tapping the text string to copy the text.
  • Create New Contact

Go to the home screen and click on the “Contacts” application to open it. Select the “plus” icon to create a new contact.

  • Finish Creating Contact

Tap twice in the “Work” or “Home” email field and tap on the “paste” option. Once pasted, tap on the “done” option on the top right corner to finish creating a contact.

  • Create Message

Now, create a message in the mail application. Start by typing the distribution list name in the option of the “To” field. Select the names here by typing names.

  • Send the Message

Type the message in this field and send it.

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