How do you stop a Software Update on IPhone?

  • What to Know:
  • Return to main settings > Hit general > Select iPhone Storage > Scroll down to see recent iOS version > press delete update > return to software version area > see download and install option

In this article I will tell you how you can stop a Software Update on IPhone. You have to follow step by step guidance that is mentioned below. Have you reconsidered your decision to upgrade to the latest iOS version? Or perhaps you only need to stop the update from downloading for the time being. If you need to pause an update in process for whatever reason, you do have a choice, and it’s easier than you would think.

Here’s how to halt the installation of an iOS update that has already begun.

How do you stop a Software Update on IPhone?

Step By Step Guidance:

  • Return to your main Settings screen and hit General once again if you’ve previously exited it.
  • Based on your device, pick iPhone Storage or iPad Storage, and then hit Delete Update after choosing the version.
  • Update after choosing the version.
  • To confirm that you wish to uninstall the update, click Delete Update on the flip.
  • When you return to the Software Version area, you will notice that you have the option to Download and Install the most recent update once more.

You may go one step further and permanently disable iOS software upgrades on your iPhone or iPad.

Return to Settings > General > Software Update and press Download and Install if you want to download the latest update later.

How to disable iOS updates automatically

The iOS upgrades are configured to begin when you’re connected to the internet. Your iPhone will not attempt to contact an update server if you are not connected to WiFi. However, if you have WiFi at home, the iPhone will prompt you to update to the most recent iOS version. On iOS 11 and older versions, Apple does not provide a way to deactivate these automatic iOS updates. The only way to fix this is to disable Apple Update Server on your WiFi network.

Open the Blacklist option on your Router Backend Interface to add the website links you want to prohibit on your WiFi network. A snapshot from a Delink router shows the Website Filter option, which allows you to add websites to block.

Please add these domains to the website ban list once you have it. This is the list of domain servers that Apple is employing to distribute the update.


Please keep in mind that this domain-level banning will prevent any devices connected to that WiFi network from upgrading their iOS version. When you connect your iOS device to any hotspot or open WiFi network, it may also try to contact the iOS update server.

You’ve now completed the whole process of blocking an iOS update in progress or deleting an iOS update file.

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