How to Delete Messages off Apple Watch

  • What to Know:
  • Press the Digital Crown > Scroll down to the discussion > choose Messages > swipe left on the chat > tap the red Trashcan symbol > message deleted

I have seen a lot of you were searching for how to delete messages off Apple watch so I have decided to write an article on it. Replying to text messages directly on the Apple Watch is one of the most prevalent applications of the gadget. Along with the ability to create texts, there is also the ability to erase messages, which is useful for saving storage space. On an Apple Watch, here’s how to remove texts.

Depending on the model, the Apple Watch has up to 32 GB of storage space. You won’t be able to fill it entirely with texts, but Messages is one place where you can free up some space if necessary. Delete all texts from the Apple Watch at once makes more sense and takes less time. Unfortunately, a complete Messages clean-up isn’t possible. You may, however, remove individual discussions. Here’s how to do it.

How to Delete Messages off Apple Watch

Step by Step Guidance:

  • To go to the app screen on the Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown.
  • Scroll down to the discussion you wish to delete and choose Messages.
  • To see two possibilities, swipe left on the chat.
  • To remove the thread, tap the red Trashcan symbol on the right.
  • Follow these instructions to remove all of the chats from your Apple Watch.


How to Recover Deleted Apple Watch Messages?

Messages is not one of the applications that syncs between the Apple Watch and iPhone. Conversations you remove from your Watch may persist on your iPhone, and threads you delete from your phone may persist on your Watch.

Delete messages from the Apple Watch provides little practical benefits, other from minor organizational enhancements and additional storage space. Cleaning out your Music app, which may take up more space than Messages, is definitely a better idea.

How Long Do Apple Watch Messages Last?

Despite the fact that the Apple Wrist mimics your iPhone, messages are only kept on your watch for 30 days. The main benefit of having messages on your Apple Watch is that you can react to and send fresh texts without having to take out your iPhone. There is currently no way to keep your communications for more than 30 days.

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