How To Send Heartbeat on Apple Watch

People usually send their heartbeat to a close friend or family member by using their Apple watch as a gesture of love. The heartbeat will only go to the people who already own an Apple watch, so make sure the other person has one too.

Now let’s go through the steps to quickly and easily send your Heartbeat on Apple watch.

Steps to Send your Heartbeat on Apple Watch

To send your heartbeat on an Apple watch, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. Don’t miss out on anyone, as you won’t send the heartbeat without reading the steps thoroughly.

Step#1: Launch your Apple Watch

The first thing that you need to do is turn on your Apple watch. If you are wearing it, you won’t have to provide it with a passcode, but if you are not, it will ask for a passcode to enter and launch the Apple Watch.

To do it, >Press the crown on the side of the watch. If an app opens, >Press it again to go back to the main screen to proceed further.

Step#2: Go to the Messages App

Now that you are on your home screen, you will see the messages app somewhere between all the apps. It will have an icon of a thought cloud with a green background.

Step#3: Choose a contact to send the heartbeat

When you get inside the messages app, you will see many different conversations. Here you can choose the person or contact you want to and your heartbeat. It doesn’t matter who they are.

Once you have chosen the right person, Click on their conversation. Now here you will see an option with an icon of a heart with two fingers. It will only appear if the other person has an apple watch too.

Step#4: Go inside the specific option

Now that you are inside this option. You can perform a few different gestures. First of all, to send your heartbeat, you will long-press the screen with your two fingers until a hear appears. And that’s it.

You can also sketch or send or kiss or anything else you want. It will have different options that you can discover by pressing the “i” button.

Step#5: Send your Heartbeat to a Close Friend

Now that you have made your heartbeat, it is time to send it. You will see the send button in the right bottom corner. Once you press it, it will send your heartbeat to your chosen friend, and they will get your heartbeat with excellent haptic feedback to make them feel special.


I have tried my best to take you through all the steps one by one so that you can successfully and quickly send your heartbeat to a loved one as a gesture of love. Whenever you send your heartbeat, the watch will also provide the receiver with haptic feedback to enhance your heartbeat’s feel.

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