How to Unfreeze Apple Watch Is Out. Here’s What’s In

All electronic devices, either expensive or cheap, will encounter some issues you may not have thought of. The Apple Watch is no different from the others. You will also encounter many bugs and errors while using this device. Recently someone asked me How To Unfreeze Apple Watch.

To make it easy for you to resolve any issues such as frozen apps and frozen logos, we can devise some practical solutions. I would highly recommend you to read this article till the end even if your watch is perfectly alright because you never know when this knowledge can come in handy.

Ways to Unfreeze your Apple Watch

There are a few ways or rather solutions to the problems you are currently facing. Let’s discuss all of them one by one, and then you can see which one will help you get rid of the frozen screen.

Unfreeze Apple Watch :Restart your Apple Watch

The very first thing that you can do is force restart your Apple watch. But ensure that your watch is stuck and is not taking the usual time to load. Sometimes the watch takes a few minutes to boot up, so wait for a few minutes first if that’s the case.

Now to force restart the watch, >long-press the power button. A screen will appear from where you can restart the watch if the watch is stuck on the logo, >long-press the crown and the >Power button simultaneously for 10 seconds until the logo reappears.

It should do the trick, but this might not be a permanent solution. It is best to get your watch checked by a professional to inspect the problems further.

Reset the Watch

The second thing you can do is Reset the watch, so if any software or app is causing the issue, you can erase them for good. But make sure you don’t back up the data because it will also bring back the software or application that was causing the issue.

To reset your watch, > Go into your watch’s setting and >Press the General option >Inside here, you will see the Reset option. As soon as you click on it, it will ask you to erase all the content and settings. You will have to enter the > Passcode to proceed. Once it is done, check to see if your watch has started working correctly or not.

Force Quit and Uninstall the App

If any app inside your watch gets stuck suddenly, you should force quit the app to keep using your watch. To do it, you need to long-press the power button until a prompt appears and then press the crown until the home screen appears.

The home screen is a sign that you have successfully quit the app. Now you should uninstall and then reinstall the app to see if the issue persists. If it still does, uninstall the app and prohibit using it; it can cause some significant problems.

Upgrade the IOS

The one thing that might be freezing your watch is that you are not using the latest IOS version in your watch. For it, >Go to the My Watch App on your phone and go to the >General settings. Here you can see the Software Update option from where you can easily upgrade your Watch’s IOS version.

If you don’t see any software update, it means your watch is already on the latest version, and there is nothing you can do to upgrade the IOS.

Check Hardware Issues

If your Apple Watch is still frozen after all the tries and solutions, you need to go to the nearest Apple store. If you have a warranty card, then they can resolve this issue within it, but if you don’t, then you will have to spend a few dollars.

The professionals will thoroughly diagnose your watch and precisely see what hardware or software is causing problems with your watch. They will resolve all the issues, so you don’t have to face them in the future.


Now you have successfully repaired your Apple watch, and all the issues have been resolved. The next time something like this will happen, you are most likely to be ready to encounter such issues. If you know a friend who might be struggling with this issue, make sure you share this article with them.

Now I’ll take my leave. Let me know if these solutions work and what other issues you are encountering with your watch to give you the solution for that.


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