How to Unpair Apple Watch without IPhone

  • What to Know:
  • Select Setting > Go to general and press reset > tap erase all > turn apple watch off > use find my app > choose find my iPhone app > select apple watch > remove account

I have seen a lot of you were searching how to unpair apple watch without IPhone. So I decided to write an article on it. If you no longer have access to your iPhone, you may still unpair the watch from it by following a series of steps.

Apple automatically switches on Activation Lock for your Apple Watch when you use watch OS2 or above (which is likely most, if not all, of us). When you unpair your watch with its linked iPhone, Activation Lock is disabled and the watch is removed from your Apple ID/iCloud account. When you no longer have that associated iPhone, you must manually remove it from the activation lock.

How to Unpair Apple Watch without IPhone

Step By Step Guidance:

  • Select Settings on your Apple Watch.
  • Go to General and press the Reset button. Now is the time to reset. Delete All Content and Preferences
  • Tap Erase All at the bottom of the page. For GPS + Cellular devices, scroll down to discover your options for keeping or removing your cellular plan.
  • If you wish to reconnect your Apple Watch and iPhone, choose Erase All & Keep Plan.
  • Wait for Apple to remove your watch from your account.
  • Turn your Apple Watch off once the data has been wiped.
  • Use the Find My app on a device that’s signed in with the same Apple ID as your Apple Watch, or sign in with your Apple ID on the desktop version of iCloud’s website on a computer or mobile device.
  • Choose Find My iPhone app.
  • Select Devices or All Devices if you’re using the internet.
  • Select your Apple Watch.
  • Remove Account from the list of options:
  • Scroll down on the Find My app and then choose Remove This Device.
  • My app may be found here. Remove this contraption.
  • To delete your Apple Watch from the website, hit the x button next to its name.
  • If you don’t see the option to delete it, make sure your Apple Watch is turned off.

Apple disables Activation Lock whenever you remove your watch. You can no longer trace that device if you remove Apple’s activation lock, and anybody else may link the watch with their iPhone.


Is it true that unpairing my Apple Watch erases it and all of my data?

Unpairing wipes all data from your Apple Watch, but only for a limited time. While unpairing your Apple Watch does actually destroy everything on it, when you unpair your Apple Watch using the Watch app on your iPhone, a backup of all that data is made immediately. You may then restore the backup by pairing a new Apple Watch or the same Apple Watch.

Yes, the device has been wiped. However, you will not lose any data if you use the Watch app on your iPhone since it creates a comprehensive backup of all your data.

Does it erase your text messages when you unpair an Apple Watch?

When you unpair your Apple Watch, it deletes everything from it, including any messages, similar to the response aboveā€”but solely from the Apple Watch. When you unpair your Apple Watch, it does not erase, destroy, or remove ANY of the messages stored on your iPhone, iCloud, or any other Apple ID-enabled device.

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