IOS users will soon be able to utilize Telegram’s emoji replies functionality


elegram is WhatsApp’s main competitor, although it is still a long way from being the market leader in communication apps. WhatsApp is moving at breakneck pace, with a slew of recent upgrades, including anticipated modifications to the voice call interface and future shortcuts for rapid responses. Telegram is making an effort to stay up with them. Another new feature of the app appears to be in the works right now.

The business is going to add animated emoji message replies to its list of capabilities, according to a source. A Reddit thread noticed the update on the Telegram iOS beta. These 11 new emoji reactions will allow users to express themselves more freely. The thumbs up and down emojis, as well as the heart, party hat, and faeces emojis, are among them. Laughter and fire are represented by a few additional dynamic symbols.

Given that over 10 billion emojis are sent every day and Telegram has over 1 billion instals on Android alone, it’s easy to assume that these modifications would be well appreciated. While this is nothing new, given that similar reactions have already been observed on Discord and Apple’s iMessage systems, commenters on Reddit praised the development.

Telegram is apparently working on a message responses feature that would allow users to express their feelings using emojis, following Twitter, Instagram, and iMessage. This Telegram emoji replies functionality is now only accessible in the Telegram iOS beta version. The same will be made available to Android users in the near future. Users will be able to respond to messages received on Telegram using a variety of emoticons thanks to this Telegram feature.

There are now 11 distinct Telegram emoticons to post as reactions in the conversation, including thumbs up, thumbs down, and heart. When an emoji is selected, users may watch dynamic animations, just like in other social networking applications like Instagram and iMessage.

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