iPhone Screen has Lines all over it

Does your iPhone screen have lines all over it? If yes, then you might be getting worried that something severe has happened to your phone. But in reality, you can get rid of these lines by using a few methods. Some might work for you, and others won’t.

You need to find the one that’ll work and will get rid of these strange lines. Sometimes you can quickly repair these lines, but sometimes the damage can be pretty severe, in which case you will have to replace it with a new screen.

These lines can appear if you suddenly drop your phone. You’ll feel your heartbeat stop for a second when your phone will fall and when you’ll pick it up, there’ll be lines that’ll make you sad. These lines indicate a loose connection of the screen with the board.

So we will be going to discuss a few ways that you can try that might help you get rid of these lines. If not, then be ready to spend some bucks to get the screen replaced but first, let’s hope these ways work for you.

Ways to Fix iPhone Screen

These are the ways that you can try to fix your iPhone’s screen.

  • ¬†¬†Checking the Connection

One of the main reasons for these lines to appear all over your iPhone is the screen’s loose connection with the board beneath. You can make this connection strong in two ways, mainly.

Firstly, you can gently press the screen to make the connection strong, but you need to open your iPhone physically if it doesn’t work. And make the connection tight to see if the lines on the screen disappear or not. Most probably, they will.

  • Restarting your iPhone

If that doesn’t work, restart your iPhone. This way doesn’t usually work, but it is worth a try. For this, you need to long-press the power button, and then a screen will appear. Swipe the restart bar in the right direction so that your device can restart.

  • Hard reset the Phone

Now the one way left is to Reset your phone to see if the lines go away. But first, you need to backup your phone so that you don’t lose any valuable data. Once you are done with backing up your iPhone, now it’s time to factory reset it.

Go to your phone Settings. Here you will see the General Menu. Now scroll down until you see the reset option. Click on it and Erase all the content. Now, wait for this process to be completed successfully. And then I hope it fixes the screen lines.

Another way to backup your phone is by using iTunes. You will need to connect your iPhone to a laptop and Pc, and when you go into the iTunes app, you’ll see the reset option. From here, you can also factory reset your mobile.

  • Replacing the Screen

The last resort to fix your iPhone is by replacing the screen. If somehow all the above methods don’t work properly, then it’s time to spend some money so you can keep using your phone. But after it, you will remember to keep the mobile safe, so it doesn’t fall again.

You can go to any store nearby and tell them to replace the screen. The apple stores also have the facility to change these screens, but to be clear, the screen replacement is not covered in the warranty.


Now I hope you have calmed down a bit. I know it can be very heartbreaking to see lines of your iPhone’s screen. That’s why I was here. The ways I have mentioned above will help you get rid of all these lines, and then you can freely use your iPhone without any further disturbance.

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