Send Balloons on iPhone

  • What to Know

Are you an iPhone user? If yes, then you must habitually use the exciting features that any apple device offers. Sending balloons and effects on iPhone is pretty fun to do.

If you want to know how you send confetti on iPhone/how to send balloons on iPhone, follow these steps. Doing it will make your iMessage more impressive by adding some cool effects to it; here is the method.

How to Send Balloons on iPhone/How Do You Send Confetti on iPhone

  • Open the Message Bar

First of all, open your iPad, iPhone, or iPad device and go to the messages section.

  • Type Message

Now type the message what you have to send.

  • Hold the Blue Arrow

In the next step, hold the blue arrow that you use to send any message.

  • Select “Bubble” Effect

Here you have come across the point that how do you send confetti on iPhone. Select the bubble option showing on your device’s screen.

  • Select Your Desired Effect

You can select a balloon or any of your desired effects showing on your iPhone’s screen.

  • Send Message

Here is the final step about how to send balloons on iPhone, send the message in which you have added balloons to the recipient.

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