Why Does it Turn Green when Texting another iPhone

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Some people do not observe that why do the iPhone messages green instead of blue. Once, it happened to me, and I was surprised to know that green text shows it as an SMS message instead of iMessage. There are multiple reasons why it is green when I text another iPhone. Usually, the green message background identifies if the message is sent by SMS text message instead of Apple iMessage. When the message is sent via iMessage technology, then it will appear as a blue message background.

Why is it green when I text another iPhone?

Why Does it Turn Green when Texting another iPhone

Most commonly, the green color background indicates in the following situation, such as:

  • Suppose the iMessage technology is switched off on the recipient’s Apple device or your Apple device. In that case, the message will be delivered via SMS service, and due to the same reason, the message background turns into green color.
  • Another reason can be the temporary server down for iMessage service either on recipients or on your device.
  • If the recipient uses the non-iOS device, the message will be delivered, and it will indicate as green color on your iPhone.

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